The Story in Pictures

Before getting diagnosed, I was trying to go back to my normal life after my father death

I decided to go out before one day of knowing the result of the tests I did.

Early morning before my first chemo

During my first chemo.

First High fever after the first chemo

I cut my hair short after the first chemo and it looked super funny!

This is how I used to go to work

Hot flashes from the chemo while doing my show

Heart shape infection on my hand


dressing up for lunch with the family

Going out during chemo With Maha ;)

One of the chemo session that I enjoyed for some reason!

Totaly exhausted from the chemo

bears! last cycle of the AC chemo where I totally got tired and went to the hospital for painkillers

dressing up for life!

Gym time even during chemo

sending my cancer cell to Jordan

happy to be alive

almost there

new hat :)

being cool with othman ;)

photo shoot for breast cancer awareness video

last chemo xoxo

last chemo xoxo

last chemo xoxo

last chemo xoxo

a story about me in the newspaper

with Fadia al Taweel during a press conference about breast cancer

off to Jordan to do the surgery

surgery day

surgery day.... be positive

with the family before the surgery

with the family before the surgery

first walk after the surgery

smile for the pain

home sweet home after the surgery

interview at radio hala about breast cancer with nisreen abu deih

after second surgery... there is always a reason to smile for

during the many surgeries.... why not attending a best friend wedding!

tried after one of the surgeries ... smiling for pain

new year... celebrating against the rules

hair growing back...

lost but smiling and hoping to find the right doctor to fix the thin skin issue

going out even between surgeries with maha ;)

cancer day... celebrating alone in Jordan

In this album you’ll find a collection of some of our best photos. We hope you enjoy them!